About Us

Association and Event Management Experts

Empowering Non-Profits, Building Communities

We specialize in navigating the strategic, operational, and financial complexities that organizations face. We drive alignment with mission, goals, and strategic vision, paving the path to sustainable success.

The hallmark of thriving nonprofits lies in their ability to streamline operations, crafting both short and long-term strategies that resonate with diverse stakeholders. Central to their success is the effective utilization of talents from employees, volunteers, contractors, and other invaluable resources.

Nonprofitmanager.org is a company serving the non profit community in senior level executive positions.  We work closely with our clients to promote their mission and goals, allowing leaders the time and the freedom to focus on important issues that affect their members and profession.  We will provide a wide range of administrative support services. Our staff and partners specialize in the area of association management, event management including CME events and other continuing education conferences as well as online and email marketing services. Most important, we maintain and build on a motto of continual improvement.

A complete suite of executive management offerings, coupled with an impressive array of additional services makes us an excellent partner for organizations of all types and sizes.  Our goal is to help your association achieve its potential. Under the guidance of veteran association executive, our team of highly qualified professionals will use their management expertise to provide seamless transition or start-up services to your association.

Think entrepreneurial
Envision a future for the organization
Be guided daily, by the mission of the organization