Services for all association and non profit organizations can be customized to meet each organization’s individual needs.

Essential Association and Non Profit Management Services

General Management

  • Align operations and activities to align with association’s mission.
  • Build relationships with partners, vendors, volunteers, colleagues and members.
  • Develop systems to promote innovation and improve operational effectiveness.
  • Analyze stakeholder feedback to ensure that programs, products, and services are consistent with evolving member needs.
  • Implement short and long term organizational priorities aligned with the strategic plan.

Governance & Volunteer Leadership

  • Serve as liaison with the board and executive committee to implement the board’s policy and vision.
  • Establish and maintain a volunteer recruitment, training, recognition and develop a volunteer succession plan.

Financial Management

  • Develop, recommend, and oversee organizational financial and business planning to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Follow internal control policies and procedures and make recommendations to prevent and address financial/accounting irregularities and inappropriate fund accounting.
  • Daily, monthly and annual financial management duties, including
    • Budgeting and Planning
    • Long Term Goal Analysis
    • IRS Compliance Reporting
    • Investment Strategy Development and Implementation
    • Monthly Financial Statements
    • Insurance Policy Oversight
    • Facilitate An Annual Independent Review and Audit

Fundraising, Sponsorship, and Development Programs

  • Analyze data to assist in identifying appropriate non dues revenue generating vehicles for accomplishing organization goals.
  • Establish a development framework, such as foundations, endowments, annual giving, and grant writing to align with and advance the organization’s mission.
  • Implement a sponsorship strategy that involves working collaboratively with interested sponsors to create bundled packages tailored to their budget, interests, and market.
  • Management special fundraising events, including:
    • Silent Auctions
    • Golf Tournaments
    • Fashion Shows
    • Charity Dinners
    • Online Giving
    • Year End Donation Drive

Membership Development

  • Identify the needs and views of current and potential members to create and prioritize effective strategies for member engagement.
  • Develop, implement and manage membership recruitment and retention programs to meet membership goals.
  • Raise awareness of the ethical standards to foster a community which encourages members to identify and adhere to the ethical standards of professional conduct.

Programs, Products, and Services

  • Develop relevant programs, products, and services that align with the organization’s strategic goals and vales while responding to the needs and interests of the stakeholder.
  • Direct and evaluate needs assessments and market research to evaluate the feasibility of introducing, modifying, or discontinuing programs, products, and services.
  • Formulate and implement marketing plans to increase awareness and participation in programs, products and services.
  • Manage planning, logistics and operations to achieve successful meetings and events.
  • Design and implement methods to measure outcomes and improve future educational events.

Certification, Accreditation, and Licensure

  • Assess the needs and interests of the stakeholder to develop relevant professional development programs, products and services.
  • Manage credentialing programs that define and promote professional standards for members.
  • Ensure credentialing programs meet technical standards to remain valid and reliable.
  • Evaluate and plan the use of multiple methods and delivery systems to appropriately address all member needs.

Public Policy, Government Relations and Coalition Building

  • Monitor and collect relevant information to support the organization’s public policy objectives.
  • Adapt public policy strategies to changing circumstances to remain current and achieve organizational goals.
  • Mobilize grassroots advocacy program to advance the organization’s public policy agenda.
  • Build and nurture relationships with partners and allies to address issues of common interest.

Marketing, Public Relations and Communications

  • Define the scope of the market and identify target segments to ensure that marketing strategies are met.
  • Identify channels for brand expansion and awareness to expand markets.
  • Formulate and articulate appropriate responses to inquires from the media and the public to ensure that all relevant parties are properly informed.
  • Establish a policy for responding to external factors and capitalizing on opportunities.
  • Manage publications, formats, business models, and delivery systems to meet the diverse needs and interests of members and stakeholders.
  • Work with authors, editors, reviewers, and advertisers to develop and produce organization publications in accordance with established policies.
  • Establish brand standards to define the features, benefits and values of the organization to stakeholders and other audiences.
  • Integrate the brand in all programs, services and activities to reinforce the organization’s value.



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